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Observatorio (OBS*) e-journal is a quarterly academic publication in the field of Communication Studies, which accepts and publishes texts written in Portuguese, Spanish, Catalan, Galician, Italian, French and English. Its formula of Open Access allows authors to have the maximum of public exposition of their work, thus we encourage readers and authors to register and submit their work for upcoming issues.

Vol 8, No 2 (2014)

Table of Contents


New Demands on Editorial Leadership. Perceived Changes in Swedish Newspaper Management. PDF
Ulrika Andersson, Jenny Wiik
Discourses of Heterosexuality in Women's Magazines’ ads: Visual Realizations and their Ideological Underpinnings PDF
Zara Pinto Coelho, Silvana Mota Ribeiro
La construcción televisiva de la deliberación política. Análisis comparativo de programas informativos y de infotainment PDF
Óliver Pérez, Mercè Oliva, Eva Pujadas
Concepções e significados do empreendedorismo social no Brasil e em Portugal: crise, performance e bem comum PDF
Vander Casaqui
The predicament of Young Journalists: The study of Portugal PDF
Liliana Pacheco, José Rebelo
Structures, Systems and Organizational Communication Processes in Franchises in times of crisis: the Spanish case. PDF
Juan Monserrat-Gauchi, Carmen Quiles-Soler, Cristina González-Díaz
Journalists’ perceptions about regulation and conflicts in their work: the case of Madrid–based news professionals PDF
Jose Alberto García-Avilés, Carmen Fuente-Cobo, Carlos Maciá-Barber
La representación de la migración y la figura del Otro en el cine español en la película Poniente (Chus Gutiérrez, 2002) PDF
Nekane Parejo
O Novo Paradigma da Vigilância na Sociedade Contemporânea – “Who Watches the Watchers” PDF
Tiago Vaz Estêvão

ISSN: 1646-5954